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Student Offense Management System of the Office of the Student Affairs and Discipline

Cherry Joy M. Abe | Carl Eryan T. Ong | Jonald L. Palma



The Office of the Student Affairs and Discipline (OSAD) of the University of the Immaculate Conception is one of the offices that supervise student academic and non-academic activities of the students. The OSAD kept these records manually and stores data in a computer and files them in the cabinet. However, the current data management system of the OSAD is implemented in a stand-alone basis. The stakeholders from the different academic offices in the University are in need of these data as reports to monitor their students. These stakeholders are the Prefect of Discipline, Associate Dean of all programs, the Vice President for Academic, Dean of College, guidance Counselors and Admission Officer. Thus, the monitoring of student’s activities, especially their offenses, is not properly organized. The proposed system included features for the enhancement and maximization of the current data management system of the OSAD. The design of the system included UIC database to maximize the storage capacity, an online feature that will allow stakeholders to access records from the OSAD to maintain the monitoring regularly, especially of students offenses. The current system also can generate detailed reports using enhanced tools for the academic stakeholders in a quick and easy way. Other features included in the system are the calendar of activities and the messaging capability. The proponents used Web Engineering methodology during the development of the system. The Student Offense Management System definitely a great help in the day to day transactions in the Office of the Student Affairs and Discipline (OSAD). In general, this will bring efficiency and convenience for students and stakeholders.