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Web-Based Records Management and Monitoring Application for a Tutorial Company

Katherine F. Dacanay | Yvonnie B. Marimon | James Leo U. Sabaricos | Wilson T. Golan-go

Discipline: Information Technology



This study provides a medium for managing and monitoring records of an online English tutorial which is specifically the bIELTP. The application shall be web-based and shall be utilized by the administrators and authorized employees of the company. It is the aim of the proponents to come up with an application that has features which are fit for certain daily business processes done with IELTP. It is their aim to provide a means of organizing profiles and other essential details regarding the company’s employed tutors as well as their clients who are basically the students. Another aim of the web application would be making data retrieval, student endorsement and report management more convenient. It should also be able to provide a central data storage for all records that is within the scope of the study. Before his study, there was no means of being able to integrate record and data within IELTP. They had computerized means of keeping and managing records but it was not easy to monitor and generate certain reports since there was no central storage of their data. To make the development of this web application possible, certain tools were used by the proponents. The programming language used was Coldfusion MX 7. The database management system used for the centralized data storage was Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Other web development tools such as JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet or CSS were also used. The web application was coded in the Dreamweaver MX7.