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Web Based Enrollment System with Reservation of Dysas Center for CPA Review

Vonne Megham Alegre | Jocel Desales | Ian Charm Torres



DySAS Center for CPA Review has proven its performance in six years in service for they had produced 6 CPA topnotchers in 5 years time and now the leading CPA review center in Mindanao. Over the years the population of enrollees exceeds constantly from the anticipated annual growth. During enrollment, vulnerability to errors in book keeping is defined which would consume much time delaying the enrolment process. The proponents planned to give a response to the defined problems in the DySAS Center for CPA Review’s business process. The proposed Web-based Enrollment System with Reservation is able to help avoid error on record keeping through putting into operation an electronic form upon providing personal data in registration. The system is able to cater more enrollees simultaneously compared to the current process on registration period. The proponents used Waterfall Process Model as a guide in developing the system. This process model is composed of step by step phase from analyzing the requirements and identifying the features to be developed to implementation until the system is complete. The proponents, despite the time constraints, were able to complete the proposed Web-based Enrollment with Reservation System of DySAS Center for CPA and met the objectives, such as making the enrollment process faster and to increase the potential revenues for the organization. The proponents recommend that in the future researches, features such as bank wire transfer and automatic notification of registration through SMS are included.