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Automated Account Management System with System with SMS Notification for RNCA

Rheena Joyce L. Barrientos | Archie L. Conarco | Romnick B. Dongiapon | Karen Mae A. Dumag | Renmark G. Sisimar



Rebecca Nebres Cepe Antonio (RNCA) is a new leading and innovator business company in Dona Segunda Complex in Davao City. It is an authorized dealer of Avon Company and belongs to a direct selling business. The RNCA core competency is based upon the knowledge, expertise and success it has gathered in franchising distribution. The company excels at understanding the dynamics, intricacies and requirements around multi-level marketing service business. For nine years of service, more and more people have become their customers and for that reason the business transactions became slow to accommodate every customer. At the present they use index cards and other manual work and efforts that results to slow and poor service performance. Dueto this, they usually failed to meet their deadline and expectedly missed its dues for report submission. Because of this, they are having problems in slow retrieval of costumer file and requests, poor monitoring on updating productivity of the company, and they are unable to generate update reports such as payments dues on time, thus results to poor monitoring. Due to these problems, the proponents decided to develop the Automated Account Management System with SMS Notification. Through the use of Linear Sequential process model, the system was developed to minimize problems encountered on slow data retrieval of costumer files and to prevent the delayed generation of reports.