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Inventory Management System with Reorder Triggered SMS Alert

Jay Edward C. Dayday | Mohammad M. Masulot | Charlemagne S. Panes | Jan Benedict O. Pilapil



Inventory systems play a vital role in a business setting because it lessens the time and burden in performing inventory of products. They save businesses from data inconsistencies and more importantly, prevent profit loss. The job of monitoring and recording stocks is considered to be a strenuous activity, by which computer and software come in order to alleviate the work. With the advent of different computer technologies, computer systems driven by human intervention speeds up the process and increase efficiency. Since managing inventories require up-to-date information of stocks status, an automated inventory system has been developed for Blinque Tech Computer Sales. The development of the information system was systematically performed through the approaches offered by the utilized process model and was tested through the test cases formulated. The research results show that when coupled with effective monitoring and an alert feature, the SMS technology, supply of products are in better control. Automatic and immediate notifications will be sent to a user right after conditions are satisfied with the rules specified in the system. This allows flexibility in making decisions such as when to order products from the supplier. It helps ensure the availability of an item just when a customer needs it. This helps the management in being able to monitor products that may be running out of stock and in the long run, helps prevent profit loss. While inventory systems cover a huge function in businesses, it is recommend that achieving improved security, optimum overall system performance, as well as maximum use of the SMS technology be considered.