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Records Management and Billing System for a TV Network Broadcasting With SMS Enabled Notifications

Arbie P. Alcasid | Charisse Mae G. Amborgo | Ed Vincent I. Arrellano | Antonieta A. Emuy | Jayson C. Pandili



The NBN Company is the country’s only government television network that began their operations in 1974 as PTV-4. It was renamed Maharlika broadcasting System in 1980 and during the People Power Revolution in 1986, it became People Television 4. It was on March 26, 1982, when President Corazon C. Aquino signed the Republic Act 7306 turning PTV Network (PTNI). NBN provides a good quality of service to the viewer and advertisement customer. The TV station network is accepting advertisement in local region, and most spots or blocks that have been broadcasted are government programs. Some also include product advertisements. The company is confronted with very low security in their documents and logbooks. The file management system is also an issue. Due to these problems, the proponents were motivated to develop the Records Management and Billing System of PTV 4. The system was developed to address time consuming problems and to upgrade their data security. The proponents recommended the system to be implemented not only in region 11 but also in all the stations of NBN in Mindanao.