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Remote Management and Support Tool

Jose Mari Yu Cañon | Mary Lone Gypsy Dasig Legaspi



The proponents’ topic is remote management and support tool. The proponents’ system was incorporated with third party software called UltraVNC which can remotely access the computer. The proponents also used the integrated WMI Windows Management Instrumentation in Microsoft Windows to generate the hardware specifications and installed software of a computer. This can provide a basic remote desktop service for free. It also facilitates a remote access, remote monitoring, and can also generate hardware specification and installed software in a computer. In this way small to medium enterprises can lessen the company’s downtime by just installing the client software where the end users can send a local message to the administrator and inform them that the end user is experiencing a computer problem. The end user can also attach files like pictures, documents even videos for clear communication purposes. After the administrator receive and read the end users request the administrator can remotely fix the computer problem of the end user in less time.