HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 2 no. 2 (1989)

Housing Overcrowding: An Insight

Cristela Goce-dakila

Discipline: Social Science



The problem of housing overcrowding is aresult of the interplay of a vast array ofeconomic, sociological, and demographic factors.It is an end-product ofthe severe housingshortage in the Philippines, wherein publicand private provision of housing has laggedbehind additional housing demanded by arapidly growing population. Concrete proof ofthis problem is the existence of doubled-uphouseholds in areas with many economic andsocial opportunities.This essay will explore the differentdimensions of demand for housing startingfrom the time potential need for housingarises with household formation, to the timea new house is purchased or leased. It willtrace the causes of housing overcrowding bylooking into its demographic underpinningsand by correlating it with housing attributeswhich make households conglomerate in certain