HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 5 no. 1 (1993)

An Economic Analysis of the Integrated Area Development Approach as an alternative to Rural Development: A case study of the Palawan Integrated Area Development Project Phase 1 (1982 -90)

Ma. Corazon O. Baylon | Rosario Cynthia C. Franco | Mark Anthony B. Perez

Discipline: Economics



Plagued with an exacerbated inequality in the access to productive resources, social services and physical facilities existing among inter-regional as well as urban-rural relationships, the Philippines has long awaited the panacea that would bring about the distribution of resources, services and facilities. The Integrated Area Development (IAD) approach, a rectification of past regional-rural development schemes, was introduced to the national economy in anticipation of its effectivity as an alternative approach to rural development. Characterized by a multi-sectoral, total systems approach which provides for the integration of physical, social, financial and economic aspects of development, the Philippine government envisioned the IAD as the solution to the growing problem of mass poverty and social injustice.