HomeLetran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Developmentvol. 1 no. 1 (2009)

Toward an Organizational Framework for Letran Calamba

Rafael B. Pecson | Josefina G. San Miguel | Ma. Rhodora G. Odejar | Nelson C. Taclobos

Discipline: Social Science, Humanities



This study endeavored to assess the congruence between the perceived and the preferred organizational values of the Colegio’s faculty, employees, and administrators so as to evolve from the existing framework a more ideal one. An organizational value opionionnaire was used. Results revealed that Letran Calamba faculty, employees, administrators, and assistant directors or officers perceived the set organizational values as predominantly evident in the institution. To intensify findings of this study, an organizational value profile may be made to guide the synchronization of the various units or departments in attaining the Colegio’s thrusts.