HomeLuz y Sabervol. 2 no. 2 (2008)

Personal And Psychological Profile Of Separated Couples’ Adolescent Children: A Basis For A Proposed Proactive Values Program

Golda Aira V. Crisostomo

Discipline: Psychology



The study examined the personal and psychological profile of adolescent children of separated couples. In particular, the research determined the differences in the said variables when respondents were grouped according to age, gender, grade-point average, custodial parent, length of parental separation and status of custodial parent. Sixty-eight (68) high school students, who were purposively chosen after an initial survey of the marital status of their parents, were the respondents of the study. Significant differences in the following: (1) the areas of warmth, intelligence, conformity apprehension and extraversion and adolescents’ age, (2) anxiety and gender; (3) conformity and grade-point average; (4);withdrawal and custodial parents (5) withdrawal, self-sufficiency, anxiety and length of parental separation (6) investing in close friends and age ; (7) developing social support, seeking spiritual support seeking professional support, relaxing and gender; (8) seeking diversion, being humorous and gradepoint average; (9) being humorous and length of parental separation. Findings of this study became the basis for the development of a proposed proactive values program.