HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2010)

Design and Development of a Gasoline-Fed Welding Machine – An Alternate for Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Norma Esguerra | Manuel A. Bajet Jr. | Nelson A. Bajet

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The gasoline-fed welding machine – an alternative for oxy-acetylene welding was designed and fabricated using metal working concepts. The fume reservoir fuel tank and accessories, including welding torch assembly were fabricated. The proposed gadget – a gasoline fed welding machine as an alternative to oxyacetylene-fed welding was conceptualized to considerably decrease the fuel consumption in welding without sacrificing the quality of the finished product with what is already acceptable to the market – the oxyacetylene-fed welding machine.

Qualitative testing were made to identify the capacity of the set-up as to the type of material connected as well as the purposed of the welding connection, adjustments needed per type of material and purpose; observations as to the machines performance when wielding the identified materials, application to different filler rods, as well as position and motion to the torch.

Interpreting the observed results per applied pressure and temperature, with the type of material connected, the following could be derived; light color of flame suggest a pressure of 0.5 psi (3.454KPa) and temperature close to 3149oC. Bright/faint red flame indicated that a pressure from 2 psi to 3 psi (13.816 to 20.724 KPa) and a temperature close to 3260oC is already attained. Aluminum melts a 343oC And would attain a sound weld when connected to another aluminum materials at this temperature.

The gas-fed welding machine is only capable of producing light and full red color of flames, while oxy-acetylene could produce three flame qualities, light, dull red and bright/faint red. The machine could not weld steel material to itself, and to other materials, specifically aluminium and copper.

Technical fields where gasoline-fed welding machine is advisable for refrigeration and air conditioning electrical shop, automotive shop and goldsmith bracing joints of copper tubes and soldering of splitter and joints. It is also for repair of leaks, broken and joints of clutch, steering wheels and brake piping systems of automobiles. And finally for broken gold jewelry repairs, gold smithing and welding of gold bars.