HomeIAMURE International Journal of Marine Ecologyvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Empowering Coastal Communities Amidst Ecological Crisis: The SSC Magallanes Experience, Sorsogon, Philippines


Discipline: Ecology



Today’s ecological crises reveal the increasing awareness that the world is threatened not only by poverty, conflicts and injustices but also by lack of respect for nature. Through the tri-fold participatory and partnership approach, the Sorsogon State College (SSC), together with the LGU of Magallanes and its community beneficiaries collaborated in empowering coastal communities and helped address various concerns affecting them. In a purposive sampling technique, a total of 57 respondents composed of the key informants in the coastal communities and line agency heads gathered for this research cum extension project. The descriptive–evaluative method was employed adopting qualitative research technique. In evaluating the risk scenarios, a retroactive analysis was utilized, the results clearly illustrated the sequence of outcomes of two dreadful disasters in the Magallanes. The assessment of the pressures disclosed various vulnerabilities of the town to hazards. The established Hyogo- Framework of Action (HFA) had strengthened the capacities of the municipality to effectively response and recover in future disaster. In conclusion, ecological crisis is the responsibility of everyone since irresponsible human activities were found to have brought major physical, economic and social consequences to the community. Stewardship of resources should be encouraged through outreach/ volunteer participation to a safer healthy environment.