HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 22 no. 1 (2013)

Color Preferences and Personality Traits of CAS Faculty: Gender Differences

Remedios T. Navarro | Edelyn A. Cadorna | Lourdes P. Llanes | Michael Esta

Discipline: Psychology



This study determined the color preferences of the faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences and if their preference has a relation with their personality traits. The study also determined the gender differences in the color preferences and personality traits of the respondents. The study made use of the descriptive method of research. The Big Five Personality Test was utilized to determine the personality traits of the respondents. Ninety faculty members of the College responded to the questionnaire.

Findings revealed that there is a gender difference in the color preference of the respondents. Most of the males prefer blue while most of the females prefer red. As regards their personality traits, both the male and female respondents are well organized but neither are particularly sound nor reserved. The males are more forgiving and relaxed while the females are more conventional. There is no significant relationship between the color preference of the male respondents and their personality traits. The personality traits of the male-respondents are more or less the same regardless of their color preference. On the part of the females, a significant relationship exists between color preference and personality traits. Female-respondents who prefer blue as their color tend to be conscientious. Those who prefer red tend to be calm/relaxed. Those who have a preference for yellow tend to be close-minded or calm/relaxed. Those who like green better tend to be agreeable.