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The Business Characteristics of Ukay-Ukay Enterprise in Davao City

Wynsjohn L. Ancheta | Marlyner N. Belleza | Amor Bregilda M. Dagso | Christian Kristopher A. Duque | Kenneth M. Faraon | Mae Stephanie Y. Lucas | Marbie Ann B. Posadas | Emma V. Sagarino

Discipline: Marketing, Business Administration



The proliferation of “ukay-ukay” vendors in Davao City is very evident especially that the city government has allowed them to sell in selected sidewalks in downtown streets from 9:00 PM onwards. The study was conceptualized to establish the characteristics of the “ukay-ukay” vendors on two dimensions: socio-demographic profile and their orientation and entrepreneurial skills. The business characteristics of the enterprise on the other hand were also documented particularly the capital, outlets, personnel, suppliers and gross sales. A validated researchers-made questionnaire was administered to 63 purposively chosen vendors. The survey has been completed within a month after which the results were tabulated. To meaning fully present the data, frequency counts and percentages were computed. Findings showed that there are more female than male respondents selling “ukay-ukay” products and are noted to be early adults. Most of them have been in this business for three to five years. The “ukay-ukay” businesses were established with a minimum capitalization of Php 30,000 to Php 50,000 and are run by few staff – two to four. Supplies are dominantly coming from Japan and Korea. The estimated monthly gross income range from Php 50,000 to Php 75,000. The choice of this kind of business emanated from the hobby or interest, the simplicity of its operations and its earning potentials. Respondents have rated themselves as experts in the field and are observed to be accommodating and friendly in dealing with their customers.