HomeThe Mindanao Forumvol. 25 no. 2 (2012)

Regional Autonomy and Federalism Concepts and Issues for the Bangsamoro Government.

Sukarno D. Tanggol

Discipline: Social Science, History



The publication of this book comes at a time when hostilities between the Philippine armed forces and the MILF in Mindanao are relatively scaled down as more civil and non-belligerent ways are considered in the attempt to bring to an end a conflict that has caused instability and disorder in many parts of the islands in the past 5 decades or so. Dr. Tanggol covers five major topics in this book. These are Regional Autonomy in the Philippines; Theory and Practice of Federalism; Federalism, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict; Federalism in Switzerland; and Federalism in the Philippines: Status and Prospects.