HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Android-Based Room Device Management System

Michael R. Crisostomo | Elemar B. Gallardo | Elvi Cathe Lzil M. Orbina | Melvin John H. Banzuelo

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences



The study aimed to create an Android-based system that manages the use of appliances in a typical room of a student in a boarding house with regard to switching and control via an Android tablet. The system is composed of two Android tablets – one specifically for the GSM and the other for Bluetooth, an Android application that displays the outlets, and a main control panel that houses the microcontroller and the Bluetooth module. A total of 15 sockets are installed so that the appliances are plugged. The two tablets are connected via GSM, and then the tablet specifically for Bluetooth is connected to the Bluetooth module of the main control panel that also houses the driver circuits responsible for supplying 220VAC to the outlets. This study employed quantitative methods of research to generate the necessary data. The methods used were experimental method, which involved the development and incorporation of existing studies into the created system, and descriptive approach, which involved evaluation of the system through implementation and actual installation. The research evaluation results proved that the system is very functional. The results also affirmed the efficiency of the features with regard to feedback/ response via Bluetooth and GSM. With this system, persons who are unable to walk around easily can control appliances at a touch of a finger and people who are rushing to work or school can monitor the status of their appliances away from their homes and control them.