HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Cup Noodles Vending Machine With Security System

Rodrigo S. Arozado Jr. | Melody Gay M. Baguio | Marites C. Huerta | John Reggie A. Zarzoa | Melvin John H. Banzuelo

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences



This study aimed to develop a cup noodles vending machine with security system that could vend cup noodle products and hot water to the customers for 24 hours a day. Specifically, it sought to address the following: (1) the features of the machine, (2) effectiveness and responsiveness level of the device in terms of its operation and function such as (a) amount of money accepted, (b) keypad, (c) SMS should there be an attempt of theft, shortage of cup noodles supplies, getting full of money storage and shortage of water supply, (d) outputs which are the LCD display, dispensed cup noodles, dispensed hot water, and security alarm, and (e) other features. The methods employed in the study were experimental development and descriptive approaches. A set of survey questionnaires was given to 30 evaluators which composed of 25 students and five faculty members. Findings of this study revealed the functional features of the vending machine. The results established that the operational and functional features of the machine are effective and responsive. The research data indicated that the evaluators rated the vending machine satisfactory in terms of its capability to dispense products as well as its having a security system.