HomePULSARvol. 2 no. 1 (2013)

Wireless Lighting Control System for the University of the Immaculate Conception

Jean Mikhail D. Bacayo | Jethro Stacey M. Devera | Fritz Gerald N. Alo | Aylmer Ronnel L. Sombilla

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences



Employing the experimental development method, this study aimed to design and develop a lighting control system through wireless transmission. The project is comprised of two main components, the control panel and the control system. The control panel which allows the user to control the lights from a distance through wireless transmission has a Touchscreen Tablet Computer, USB to Serial Converter and a Transceiver. The control system which performs the operations sent by the control panel consists of two power supplies, twelve driver circuits and two transceivers. Using descriptive approach, the functionality of its features was evaluated for one week by twenty respondents which were comprised of five students, five maintenance personnel, five engineering instructors, three security guards, one physical plant supervisor and one school administrator. Every observation in testing the device and was recorded. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted through the computed mean. After the conduct of the research and experimentation, as well as the testing and evaluation, the researchers conclude that the device is effective in performing its functions and is ready for implementation. Nevertheless, certain improvements can be done to maximize its potentials.