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The Place of Human Dignity in Non-voluntary Euthanasia

Oluwaseun Adeola Adenugba

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science



The purpose of this paper is to do an ethical case analysis of a 38 year old man who found himself in hypoclycopenia coma. This is a real clinical case that happened in a hospital in Nigeria. The paper shall adopt the Padova method of ethical deliberation.1This was a method I learned doing the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Bioethics I took part in Italy. The advantage of this method for clinical case analysis is that it covers a wide range of areas. It does not only see the medical and cultural aspect as important in any clinical case deliberation but also see the personal and relational aspect of the patient as an area to be considered. This gives the opportunity to assess the case with a critical mind without leaving out any relevant aspect. It also gives human dignity utmost consideration.