HomeLUMINAvol. 22 no. 1 (2011)

Corruption and Underdevelopment: The Nigerian Experience

Rotimi Omotoye

Discipline: Social Science



The concepts of “corruption” and “underdevelopment” are of common daily usage in describing the political, socio-economic, and religious lives of African states, most of which are regarded as either developing or underdeveloped states. Nigeria is not an exemption, as it is often categorized as a developing state.

Adelowo at a recent conference said, “Nigeria no doubt is experiencing a lot of unstable situations, inabilities of all sorts in the areas of economy, politics, education, behavioral pattern, cultural settings, and religions and so on.” These are indices of a developing state. The questions: What are the factors responsible for the underdevelopment of a state? This paper focuses on the relationship between underdevelopment and corruption. Awolowo said, “Corruption had not only flourished but also had almost become an accepted way of life in our society.”