HomeLUMINAvol. 22 no. 2 (2011)

Human Sexuality in African Thought and the HIV/ AIDS Scourge

O. O. Familusi

Discipline: Social Science, Medicine



One major problem confronting mankind in contemporary time is the HIV/AIDS scourge, which is largely attributable to sexual contact. Given this reality, researches of various kinds have been carried out on the subject matter while several measures have been put in place towards minimizing the rate at which the pandemic is transmitted. This paper discusses human sexuality in African thought with attention paid to the benefits accruing from African sexual ethics and dangers inherent in some cultural practices in respect of HIV/AIDS. It is recommended that the aspects of African culture, which emphasize the sacrality of sex should be imbibed while those practices that may aggravate the spread should be discarded. This is expected to reduce the rate of the spread of the virus that causes AIDS in Africa, where the spread is rife and which is our focus in this work.