HomeISU-Cabagan Journal of Researchvol. 20 no. 1 (2011)

Language Learning Attitudes of Selected Public and Private Secondary English Teachers

Boyet L. Batang | Romulo P. Villanueva Jr.

Discipline: Education, English, Languages



This study focuses on the language learning attitudes of Secondary English Teachers both from the government and private owned schools. The respondents were 48 teachers in the country’s National Capital Region who were participants in a National English Proficiency Training sponsored by the Center for English Language Studies of Far Eastern University, Manila in coordination with PhilamLife and the American Chamber of Commerce. Their attitudes toward language learning were determined through a survey questionnaire. Based on the survey, it may be said that 20 (or 41.67%) of the respondents have highly positive attitude towards language learning in as much as they reported themselves to be risk takers who are not afraid to make mistakes and, thus, may encourage their students to do the same as far as language learning is concerned. Ten (or 20.83%) of the teachers have an ambiguous attitude towards new language teaching techniques. However, among the 48 respondents, eight teachers (or 16.67%) may be said to have a more definite attitude toward language learning as they characterized themselves to be self-directed persons, an attitude they may influence into their students. On the other hand, five (or 10.41%) of the respondents characterized themselves as inhibited individuals, and as such a trait that may prevent them from trying on new language learning techniques in the classroom. But then three (0r 6.25%) of the teachers reported themselves to be conscious of their self-image and they may thus be more open to new teaching or learning techniques to give themselves on image being progressive. Furthermore, two (or 4.17%) of the respondents reported themselves to be ego-permeable and thus may be encouraged to become more progressive teachers by adopting (or even just adopting) new language teaching and language learning techniques.