HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes and Related Behaviors among Gay Men in Shenzhen, China

Hongxiu Tang | Aihong Lin | Hongjing Wang | Qing Zhang | Weibin Cai | Ping Yin

Discipline: Social Science, Health



Gay men were supposed to be at high risk of HIV infections. The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to HIV/AIDS among gay men. A crosssectional survey was conducted and questionnaires were administered to 142 gay men in Shenzhen, China. Blood samples were detected. 114 respondents (80.28%) were valid return. The results showed: (a) Knowledge and attitudes: 77 respondents (67.5%) thought themselves unlikely to be infected with HIV; 48 men (37.2%) had no proper understanding of HIV infection routes; 32 men (28.1%) had no idea of the ‘window period’ process; 95 men (88.0%) thought it is necessary to use a condom when having sex with men. (b) Behaviors: 5 men (4.4%) respondents had a history of drug abuse; 52 men (45.61%) used a condom every time when having sex with men; only 21 men (18.7%) used a condom at first sex experience; 78 men (68.3%) reported anal intercourse; 32 men (28.1%) reported commercial sex; 32 men (28.1%) had multiple sex partners. (c) Blood samples detection: 2 HIV-positive cases (1.75%) and 14 syphilis cases (12.3%) were found. The study concludes that gay men were less aware of HIV/AIDS knowledge and had high-risk sexual behaviors. They were risk of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.