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Health Care Services Utilization of Barangay Tartaro San Miguel Bulacan

Roberto C. Sombillo

Discipline: Nursing



The health of people reflects the wealth of the nation. Human Development Index (HDI) as an indicator of the country’s economic growth and development focuses on life expectancy. Health care utilization is a manifestation of the people’s desire to improve quality of life. Quality of life among citizens depends on the state of their health. The translation of health depends largely on the ability of the state to provide the basic health care services. The promotion of health among individuals in a country rests on the thrusts of the government. Aside from promoting health of the citizens, prevention of illness also depends on the resources existing and being provided to the health care facility. Today the reflection of country’s health is further translated to the health status of rural communities across the nation. Utilization of health care services in the rural setting needs a thorough analysis and understanding. It is in this premise that this study is to be undertaken. The need to further look into the status of utilization of health care services is relevant to ensure that the country’s health is prioritized.