HomeCA Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2010)

Evaluation of the Guidance Services: A Basis for a Testing and Counseling Framework

Yolanda F. Rabe | Barbara P. Camacho

Discipline: Psychology



The Guidance, Counseling and Testing Center (GCTC) plays an indispensable role in any academic institution. It is in fact an integral part of the educational system that provides for the students’ holistic development. Its fundamental aim is to help a person enhance the best in him – to help a person responsibly adjust to situation as he progresses. It is a systematic way to one’s self-discovery leading to self-understanding and self direction (Mendoza, 2004). Both Education and Guidance and Counseling support and complement each other with the sole purpose of maximizing the students’ growth and development (Gibson and Mitchell, 1991).