HomeFEU Colloquiumvol. 1 no. 1 (2007)

Reconciling Sexuality and Rationality in Human Nature: Sigmund Freud and Karol Wojtyla

Ronald F. Santos | Maybelle Marie O. Padua

Discipline: Psychology



Sigmund Freud viewed human nature as inherently sexual.While he recognized the rational and moral aspects (the ego and superego) of personality as inhibiting man’s sexual urges (the id), Freud argued that the sexual instinct is fundamentally the basis for the functioning of man. This paper challenges Freud’s claim using Karol Wojtyla’s phenomenological approach to person. It contends that while the sexual urge is present in man, being a creature of reason, man actually has the ability to transcend his sexual instincts and determine the ultimate goal of the sexual urge within him. Through his inner self, he is able to perceive the importance of chastity and embody it as a value.