HomePHAVISMINDA Journalvol. 10 no. 1 (2011)

Technology as the Making of Human Person

Orlando Ali M. Mandane Jr.

Discipline: Technology, Humanities



The rapid development in technology makes it more difficult for us to study the impact of different artifacts on our lives. Most of us appear totally in the dark concerning our relations to technology and fail to consider the effects of emerging technologies on the societal life in general and on the personal life in particular. The attitude towards such an issue can be downright lackadaisical.


Take the case, for example, of a student who asked her teacher to present arguments concerning the moral issue of cloning. The teacher responded by asking her to clarify the term and directed her to some literature which will give her sufficient and profound knowledge on the issue. Besides, the technology has different nuances which can just be addled by lumping them in a word. Sadly, she wasn’t satisfied as she wanted an answer fit for her purposes. Perhaps, it’s just a plain intellectual exercise, and she is not at all personally affected. It seems that there is no need to pursue the view on technology rigorously. But the issue about technology, especially the somatic cell nuclear transfer technology (SCNT), is so contentious that we cannot pass up a chance of analyzing it carefully. It cannot just be dismissed or accepted in one setting, without further analysis of the issue.