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HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 34 no. 2 (2008)

Genetic Parameter Estimation Of Philippine Brahman Cattle (Bos indicus Linn.)

Agapita J. Salces | K. Moore | D. Johnston | H. Graser | P. Limson | T. Tanglao

Discipline: Animal Science



Pedigree and performance records for Brahman beef cattle were collected from six government farms and nine private commercial farms in the Philippines to institutionalize farm recording, establish national animal performance database and conduct periodic genetic evaluation using the BREEDPLAN® technology. Data collected from 10,037 animals were birth weight, weaning weight (200-day weight, or w2), yearling weight (400-day weight or w4) and mature weight (600-day weight or w6). The Philippine Brahman BREEDPLAN® analysis used genetic parameter input files that are specific to Australian Brahman cattle. Previously small record numbers have meant that parameters specific to Philippine Brahman were unable to be estimated. Variance components, heritabilities, genetic and residual correlations and adjustment factors for age and age of dam were estimated for these traits. Traits were analysed using a ‘normal’ slice on contemporary groups (45 days for body weight and WT200 and 60 days for WT400) and with an ‘increased’ slice (60 days for BWT and WT200 and 90 days for WT400.