HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 34 no. 2 (2008)

Utilization Of Madre De Agua (Trichanthera gigantea var. guianensis) Leaf Meal As Feed For Growing-Finishing Pigs

A.f. Jaya | M.l.l. Soriano | D.m. Vallador | R.l. Intong | B.b. Carpentero

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science



The study determined the nutritive value of madre de agua leaf meal for pigs. The chemical analysis showed that madre de agua leaf meal (MDALM) contained 88.44% dry matter, 18.21% crude protein, 12.5% crude fiber, 2.66% crude fat, 21.80% ash, 11.56% moisture, 5% calcium, 0.41% total phosphorus and 2,983kcal/kg gross energy. In vivo digestibility of dry matter, crude protein, crude fiber, calcium and phosphorus by growing-finishing pigs fed diets containing 5, 10 and 15% MDALM were lower than those fed ration without MDALM. The live weight gain, average daily gain, feed conversion efficiency, feed cost per kilogram gain, and age to 90-kg live weight did not differ among pigs fed ration with varying levels of MDALM. Pigs fed 10% MDALM had the highest feed consumption while those that received 15% MDALM had the lowest feed consumption. The highest return above feed and animal cost was obtained on pigs given diet with 10% MDALM. The addition of up to 10% level of MDALM did not affect the slaughter and carcass characteristics of the growing–finishing pigs. The raw pork from pigs fed higher levels of MDALM had better color than the rest. All treatment had odor/aroma of the raw and cooked pork, taste/flavor, tenderness, juiciness and over-all acceptability of the cooked pork.