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HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 38 no. 2 (2012)

Conservation Breeding of the Negros Bleeding-heart Pigeon Gallicolumba keayi (Clarke, 1900) (Aves: Columbidae)

Emilia A. Lastica | Apolinario B. Carino | Pavel Hospodarsky | Lou Jean Cerial

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science



The Negros Bleeding-heart pigeon Gallicolumba keayi is found only in the islands of Panay and Negros, where, until recently, little information is known of its biology both in the wild and in captivity. In 2007, the first captive breeding of the species occurred at the AY Reyes Botanical and Zoological Garden, followed by other successful attempts at the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Centre. Double clutching and cross-fostering were two of the major methods used. This paper describes breeding behavior and established breeding, incubation and rearing intervals of the species.