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HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 39 no. 1 (2013)

Ultrasound Features of the Kidneys, Urinary Bladder, Ovarian Follicles and vaginal sacs of female water monitor lizard (Varanus marmoratus, Weigmann, 1834)

Rachel B. Prades | Emilia A. Lastica | Jezie A. Acorda, Dvm, Magr, Phd

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science



Four apparently healthy female water monitor lizards (Varanus marmoratus), weighing 0.8-3.8 kg, were examined using an ultrasound machine equipped with a 5.0 MHz linear array scanner to determine the ultrasound appearance, dimensions and echo mean values of the urogenital organs. The kidneys of the varanids were observed caudal to the ovarian follicles, appearing as elongated strucutres with hypoechoic parenchyma and hypoechoic to hyperechoic interlobular spaces. The urinary bladder appeared as an elongated anechoic structure with hypoechoic wall. Two out of four female varanids showed ovarian follicles located laterally on both sides within the caudal half of the animal’s body. Both pre-vitellogenic and vitellogenic stages were observed. Pre-vitellogenic follicles appeared round and anechoic while vitellogenic follicles appeared hypoechoic to hyperchoic in the ultrasonograms. The vaginal sacs appeared as anechoic tubular structures with hypoechoic walls. Echo mean values correlated well with the echogenicity of the different organs. The results of the study can be used for comparison with the ultrasound features of the diseased urogenital organs in the water monitor lizards.