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HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 39 no. 2 (2013)

Growth Performance and Carcass Drip Loss and Water Holding Capacity of Broilers Fed Low Density Diets Supplemented with Liquid Multi-Vitamins and Amino Acids during Periods of Stress

Veneranda A. Magpantay | Rodeza Kristine S. Cu-cordoves | Maria Cynthia R. Oliveros | Julienne Maria Undine Paz A. Hurtada

Discipline: Agriculture, Animal Science



Two hundred eighty day-old broiler chicks were raised up to 35 days to compare the growth performance, drip loss and water holding capacity of the meat of broiler chicken fed normal and low density diets supplemented with liquid multi-vitamins and amino acids (LMVAA) in drinking water during periods of stress. The birds were distributed into four treatments following a Completely Randomized Design. Results showed that the group fed low density diet had similar growth performance compared with normal density diet. During the starter and finisher phases, higher (P<0.05) body weight, gain in weight, and feed consumption were noted in the group fed normal density diet. Highest income over feed and chick cost was noted in the group fed low density diet. This indicates that LMVAA supplementation in drinking water only during the 1st week of life and at 21st to 23rd day of age tends to compensate for poor nutrition and constant exposure to heat stress. However, it failed to improve drip loss and water holding capacity of the meat when supplemented during the last two days prior to harvest.