HomeVentures Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2008)

Balay Mindanaw: The Case of Creating an Integrated Model of Social Entrepreneurship

Marites A. Khanser

Discipline: Business, Community Development, Social Entrepreneurship



Ariel Hernandez, the Executive Director of Katilingbanon Pamahandi sa Mindanao Foundation Inc. (KPFMI), a member NGO of Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc., has just come from the graduation ceremonies of the 2nd Strategic Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) course participated in by seven of his NGO workers. The SSE course was conducted by Capitol University which had been authorized by CIDA-PEARL2 to deliver the course for NGOs, credit cooperatives, social entrepreneurs, local government units (LGUs) and individuals in Mindanao who wish to be trained on management capability skills in order for them to run social enterprises effectively. Hernandez found it an opportunity for his NGO workers to go back to the academe since most of their lives have been spent on community work and in the field; thus, he agreed to support their training. Hernandez felt that if his NGO workers would be able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, they will be more effective in their mission to help poor communities become social entrepreneurs.