HomeFar Eastern University Faculty Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Characteristics of a Typical "Tamaraw" as Identified by FEU Students: A Qualitative Study

Cynthia P. San Diego | Manuelito DV Bengo | Rubie R. Herrera | Ronan S. Santos

Discipline: Education, Social Science



This qualitative research study aimed to characterize a typical” Tamaraw” as described by FEU students during the summer of school year 2009-2010. An open- ended questionnaire given to the students asked them to give descriptions of the typical “Tamaraw” (FEU student). A total of 238 students provided 874 written responses. The descriptive words were coded and grouped according to similar relationships, resulting in the emergence of twenty-three defined categories that were further refined into three core categories:”personal”, “social” and” membership” character traits. Results showed that a typical “Tamaraw” possessed the characteristics of being smart, hardworking, respectful, determined, and friendly. These findings may be used to further explore students’ characteristics which can be vital not only for the academic development of the student but also for the university to identify policies and practices that can support the students interests, beliefs and values.