HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Effectiveness of Exam Item Station in the Administration of Time-Pressured Quizzes in Phys003L1

Amparo L. Faraon



The focus of this study is on the effect of time pressure on the performance of a student in an examination. It is aimed to find out if a student under time pressure can perform as good as a student who took the same examination without time pressure.

Exam-Item station is the strategy that enables the teacher to administer time-pressured quizzes.

Two (2) groups, experimental and controlled, were used in this study. They consist of second year college engineering students who are taking up Phys003L1 and handled by one teacher. Thirty-two (32) paired students were selected as subjects of this study. The Experimental Group is the group of students who were exposed to time-pressure quizzes while the Controlled Group students have the usual implementation of quizzes in the classroom.

The findings of the study showed that there is no significant difference in the performance of the two groups in the posttest. This shows that students who are exposed to time-pressure performed the same as those who are not exposed to time pressure. Meaning, time pressure is not a factor that affects the students’ performance in the test.

It was also found out that those students who experienced time pressure showed control of their feelings even if they feel anxious about the test. The desire to pass the test is greater. Not being ready for the test added to the students’ anxiety. But students who are prepared and have the ability to answer the test were able to answer the test items however difficult they may seem. The said findings only lead to a conclusion that Exam-Item station is as effective a strategy in administering examinations.