HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Activity Preferences of Students in Physical Education

Reynante B. Giron | Russel I. Tropa | Joel C. Dagarag



Students’ preferences for physical activity can be used to revise the physical education program. Five hundred students in physical education subjects (PE 152, PE 162, PE 252 and PE 262) were considered as respondents. There were 249 males and 251 females. Most of the respondents were 16-19 years old, single and mostly belong to 1st and 2nd year levels, and who represent the Engineering and Information technology courses.

The most preferred activities of female respondents are scrabble and badminton while the males preferred badminton most. The much-preferred activities of females include dancing swimming and board games while the males include contact sports, ball games and board games. Neither male nor female respondents listed “least preferred” activities. Six out of top 7 motivational factors to preferences are the same for both sexes. These include enjoyment, health benefits, improve physical skills, improve self-confidence, and get to spend time with friends and maintain good body appearance. To some extent the male and female respondents differ in their preferences.