HomeTIP Research Journal Quezon Cityvol. 5 no. 1 (2008)

Impact Of Internal Faculty Development Training Program On Teaching Effectiveness: An Assessment

Marilyn A. Estrada



The Professionals development of teachers in various educational levels is being usually addressed through in-house training or internal development programs and external training programs.

Higher Education Institutions have their own ways of promoting their internal, and external training programs to respond to faculty needs. Commonly, topics covered in the seminars, seminar-workshops, trainings being conducted deal with curriculum development, methods and strategies of teaching, classroom management, portfolio development and the like.

This study sought to determine the impact of in-house training programs on teaching effectiveness.

This study involved faculty members of the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City who had summer classes in 2008. The sample taken was fifty-three (53) from sixty-two (62) populations of faculty members who have attended internal training programs from the period 2005 2008, computed through Sloven formula.

The descriptive method was used in this study to determine the impact of internal faculty training programs on teaching effectiveness. The instrument used was a questionnaire. The level of perception of respondents was interpreted through the computed mean. On one hand, the assessment of the impact of internal faculty development training program on teaching effectiveness was determined through correlation of training programs indicators and teaching effectiveness indicators.

It was found out that the level of perception of respondents on the internal faculty training programs as to its objectives (4.18), course content (4.02), methodology (3.96), training materials (93.92), schedule and duration (3.67) and resource person (4.19) fell under the agree level based on the computed mean. Thus, faculty members greatly appreciated the conduct of internal training programs.

On the other hand, with respect to the correlation results on the impact of internal faculty programs on teaching effectiveness, it was determined that there is no significant that exist between the two.