HomeAsian Journal of Healthvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Determinants of Performance of Graduates in the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination

Jasmen S. Pasia | Marilyn U. Garzon | Marleonie M. Bauyot

Discipline: Education, Medical Studies, Academic Performance



The public gauges the quality of academic programs of a school from the results of licensure examinations. School leaders use the examination basis for intervention programs to upgrade quality. This study aims to find the factors of performance of San Pedro College graduates in the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination (MTLE). Mixed – methods research design was utilized in describing the predictors of the graduates’ performance in the MTLE. A total of 304 graduates distributed according to the year of graduation from 2005-2009 who took the MTLE on September of the same year they graduated were subjects of this investigation. Results of this study demonstrated that all independent variables were correlated with the performance of the graduates in the MTLE, with clinical internship WPA having the highest coefficient of correlation of .540. Further analysis using stepwise regression model revealed that clinical internship WPA is the best predictor for passing the MTLE. This may suggest that a strengthened internship program would help improve the graduates’ performance in the MTLE. Thus, it is recommended that consultations from students, alumni, and faculty be done to draw out suggestions on how to improve the existing practices of the internship program. The results also demonstrated that there is a low negative correlation between DAT and MTLE. This may mean that higher DAT is not a guarantee that the graduate will perform in the MTLE.