HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 15 no. 1 (2015)

Stakeholders' Awareness and Participation in Coastal Resource Management (CRM) in Villa Beach, Iloilo City, Philippines

Brian Gil S. Sarinas | Teresita A. Paragon

Discipline: Ecology, Environmental Conservation



Villa Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Iloilo City because of its rich culture such as Paraw Regatta and seafood delicacies. However, coastal resource management (CRM) seemed to be neglected among the locals of the beach as evidenced by poor waste management beneath the shore. Thus, this study was conducted. Specifically, this study delved into the awareness and participation of locals on CRM when classified according to zonation. Furthermore, a significant difference in the awareness and participation and relationship was sought. This study was conducted in January 2015. The respondents of this survey were the locals of Villa Beach from Zones 1 to 3 taken through stratified random sampling. All tests were set at .05 level of significance. The results showed that locals had “high” awareness and they abide by the laws on CRM. Furthermore, there was a significant difference in the level of awareness and participation on CRM in terms of zonation. Finally, there was a significant relationship in the awareness and participation of locals on the CRM. It is recommended that the locals and the local government should cooperate one another to manage the coastal resources of the beach from environmental degradation due to anthropogenic activities. The local government unit (LGU) should create a monitoring procedure in terms of the participation of the locals of Villa beach in coastal resource management.