HomeRecoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)

The Anglo-American Elements in Jose Rizal’s Poem Education Gives Luster to the Motherland

Glenn G. Pajares | Percia A. Leyte | Richard B. Fernandez

Discipline: Philosophy, History



There is no known study made about the Anglo-American ideas found in Jose Rizal’s poems. Hence, this study looks into Rizal’s poem Education gives luster to the motherland and identifies the Anglo-American ideas that are found in it. The study assumed that since England and the United States are politically and economically powerful, they have great influence to states that are less powerful like the Philippines. The study found out through descriptive textual analysis that Rizal’s poem is romanticist in character. Since romanticism originated in England, his poem contains English ideas and he is influenced by English thought. Rizal is a proponent of education as shown by the poem. His advocacy for education as a means by which the nation can develop is shared by the Americans because education is one of the major contributions and legacy of America to Philippine history. Rizal’s desire to liberate his countrymen from ignorance which in turn will liberate the people from oppression is parallel to America’s advocacy for liberation, freedom and democracy. Therefore, Rizal’s poem contains American ideas and he is influenced by American thought. This study recommends that another analysis must be made to see if Rizal’s other poems contain Anglo-American ideas.