Bao-rong Lu

Affiliates: IRRI

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ITS1 Sequences of Nuclear Ribosome DNA in Rice Species from China and their Phylogenetic Implications

Zhou, Yu-ping | Zhou, Yi | Hong, De-yuan | Gong, Xue-qian | Chen, Shou-yi | Lu, Bao-rong

Discipline: Agriculture

Determination of Chromosome Numbers of Wild Oryza Species Conserved in the International Rice Genebank at IRRI

Naredo, Ma. E. B. | Macatangay, M | Alvarez, Ma. T. | Lu, Bao-rong

Discipline: Agriculture

Diversity of Leaf Epidermal Structures Used in Biosystematics of Rice Species

Zhang, Z. Y. | Wen, J. | Lu, Bao-rong

Discipline: Agriculture, Genetics

Phylogenetic Relationship of Genus Oryza as Revealed by RAPD Analysis

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Xie, Z. X. | Zhou, Y. | Zou, Y. P.

Discipline: Agriculture

In Situ Conservation of Oryza Rufipogon

Lu, Bao-rong

Discipline: Agriculture, Plant Breeding

Evaluation of in situ conservation of Oryza rufipogon populations using RAPD markers

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Xie, Z. -w. | Ge, S. | Wang, K. -q.

Discipline: Agriculture

Identification of genomic constitution of three tetraploid Oryza species through two-probe genomic in situ hybridization

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Ge, S. | Li, C. B. | Zhang, D. M.

Discipline: Agriculture

Phylogeny of rice genomes with emphasis on origins of allotetraploid species

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Ge, S. | T., Sang

Discipline: Agriculture, Research

Relationships among the CC, DD, and EE Genomes in the Oryza Officinalis Complex Detected by Two Probe Genomic In Situ Hybridization

Hong, De-yuan | Lu, Bao-rong | Ge, S. | Li, C. B. | Zhang, D. M.

Discipline: Agriculture, Plant Genetics

A study of pollen viability and longevity in Oryza rufipogon, O. sativa, and their hybrids

Lu, Bao-rong | Chen, J.k. | Song, Z.p.

Discipline: Agriculture