L. S. Sebastian

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Green Leafhopper-Susceptible Advanced Lines Resistant to Rice Tungro Viruses

Khush, G S. | Angeles, E. R. | Tiongco, E. R. | Martin, H. C. | Abdula, S. E. | Villanueva, A. E. | Sebastian, L. S. | Truong, X. A.

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management

Prediction of Hybrid Performance in Rice: Comparisons among Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) Procedure, Midparent Value, and Molecular Marker Distance

Virmani, S. S. | Sebastian, L. S. | Xu, W. | Hernandez, J. E. | Redoña, E. D.

Discipline: Agriculture

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices on Rat Management of Ifugao Rice Farmers, Philippines

Sebastian, L. S. | Joshi, R. C. | Gergon, E. B. | Catudan, B. M. | Desamero, N. V.

Discipline: Agriculture, Management

Detrimental effects of niclosamide 250EC at preseeding in direct-seeded rice culture

Sebastian, L. S. | Martin, A. R. | Joshi, R. C. | Desamito, M.s. | Coupland, J.b.

Discipline: Agriculture

Endo- and ectoparasites of the Philippine rice field rat, Rattus tanezumi Temminck, on PhilRice farms

Sebastian, L. S. | Joshi, R. C. | Duque, U.g. | Marquez, L.v. | Antolin, M.m.

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture

Rat pest species breeding patterns in the trap barrier system plus a trap crop (TBS + TC) at the PhilRice-CES farm: management implications

Sebastian, L. S. | Martin, A. R. | Joshi, R. C. | Duque, U.g. | Marquez, L.v.

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture

Off-season survival of golden apple snails in the Philippines

Sebastian, L. S. | Martin, A. R. | Joshi, R. C.

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture