Article List (w/ Cognitive Learning Discipline)

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Mathematics Anxiety, Ability and Performance among Second Year High School Students

Bantiding, Herminia A.

Discipline: Mathematics, Psychology, Child Development, Cognitive Learning

Collaborative concept mapping and the academic achievement of Biology students in Ecology

Yecyec, Ivy B.

Discipline: Biology, Education, Cognitive Learning

Needs Assessment of The Pupils’ Parents at Masalipit Elementary School

Castillo, Federico C.

Discipline: Education, Cognitive Learning

Performance in History and Problems Encountered of the CTE Students in the University of Northern Philippines

Padios-relon, Luzviminda

Discipline: Education, Cognitive Learning

The Effect of Constructivist Teaching Approach on the Conceptual Understanding of Biology Students

Ronsairo, Marlyn D.

Discipline: Education, Cognitive Learning

Cognitive Learning Strategies among Teacher Education Students: Their Implications for Improving Classroom Practices

Lubrica, Percyveranda A. | Montemayor, Janetlynn S. | Botengan, Desiree F. | Alvaro, Manolita N. | Capili, Arnulfo C. | Yango, Divina M. | Angiwan, Evelyn S. | Gallardo, Alma Vida G.

Discipline: Education Administration, Cognitive Learning

Realistic Mathematics Approach, Mathematical Communication and Problem-Solving Skills of High- Functioning Autistic Children: A Case Study

Bolo-kalaw, Maria Theresa

Discipline: Mathematics, Psychology, Cognitive Learning

The Education of Children with ADHD

Manaligod, Ma. Paz A.

Discipline: Education, Child Development, Cognitive Learning

Thinking Skills Reflected in the Argumentative Essays of Freshman College Students: A Descriptive Analysis

Regala-flores, Eden

Discipline: Education, Cognitive Learning

The Effect of Teaching Approaches on the Pattern of Pupil's Cognitive Structure: Some Evidence from the Field

Bahar, Mehmet | Tongaç, Erdal

Discipline: Cognitive Learning