HomeAsian Journal of Healthvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Lived Experiences of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Rehabilitation

Robert Kennard M. Sintay

Discipline: Psychology, Health



This qualitative study focused on the patients’ lived experiences in cardiac rehabilitation. A phenomenological research design was the foundation of the study. The lived experiences of the patients directly discovered the uniqueness of the true meaning of cardiac rehabilitation experience in its physical and psychological aspects. Participants were selected through purposive and snowball sampling. Key informant interview served as a method for data collection. Themes that emerged from the participants’ unique encounter comprised of three (3) major themes: recovery, behavior modification and interpersonal relationship and fifteen (15) subthemes: physical recuperation, sexual activity, positive outlook in life, motivation, psychological recovery, gaining new knowledge, fear, openness, self-discipline, empathy, change in mood, willingness to participate, spiritually, safety, camaraderie, and family support. In conclusion, listening and learning the experiences from the patient who is in the process of CCReP lead us to identify the physiologic and psychological aspect of recovery. This study on CCReP provided an insight not only about clinical improvement but also about the body of the nursing profession. Greater encouragement to post operative cardiac surgery will allow patients to immerse themselves in the uniqueness of the experience and the positive physiological and psychological effect of cardiac rehabilitation.

Academic discipline/sub-discipline: Health; Medicine