vol. 1, no. 1 (2011)
Asian Journal of Health


The Asian Journal of Health aims to publish new discoveries from the multidisciplinary areas of health sciences including basic and clinical, social, ethnomedical, modelling, and health education studies. The Asian Journal of Health is an international peer reviewed journal which serves as a venue for scholars from the health sciences to disseminate their scientific discoveries as a basis for public policy, breakthrough solutions to health problems and new advances in the pedagogy of health sciences.

Publisher: Liceo de Cagayan University

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Category: Health Care Sciences & Services |

ISSN 2244-047X (Online)

ISSN 2094-9243 (Print)

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Environmental Indicators of Life Expectancy

Genaro V. Japos | Ronald D. Estrada | Emiliana J. Lozano

Discipline: Psychology, Health

The Empty Nest: Unvoiced Concerns of the Elderly

Jofi Valdehueza Mahilum

Discipline: Psychology, Health

Interactions with the Chronically-ill: Discovering Care Opportunities for Holistic Health Care

Arianne Katrina I. Coballes

Discipline: Psychology, Health

The Caregiver’s and Nurse Therapist’s Experiences on Gestalt Therapy

Daisy Palompon | Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa | Hazel Caneda | Joni Inocencia Gonzaga

Discipline: Psychology, Health

Lived Experiences of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Rehabilitation

Robert Kennard M. Sintay

Discipline: Psychology, Health

Health Promotion of Local Migrant Workers in a Highly Urbanized City

Donna Lou E. Neri | Genaro V. Japos

Discipline: Health

Lived Experiences with Arthritis among Older People

Joel P. Defensor

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Psychological Well-Being and Coping Mechanisms of Battered Women

Tessie J. Rodriguez

Discipline: Psychology, Health

Predictors of Depression among Institutionalized Elderly Clients

Daisy Palompon | Kristine Ruth V. Florida | Ruth Ente | Jose Bantugan

Discipline: Psychology

Traditional and Modern Practices Enhance Health Knowledge of the Bagobo Tribe

Mervin G. Gascon

Discipline: Psychology, Health, Medicine

Traditional Ecological Knowledge System of the Matigsalug Tribe in Mitigating the Effects of Dengue and Malaria Outbreak

Mervin G. Gascon

Discipline: Psychology, Health, Medicine

Eosinophilia and Incidence of Soil-Transmitted Helminthic Infections of Secondary Students of an Indigenous School

James B. Sumagaysay | Floricel M. Emverda

Discipline: Health, Medicine

The Environmental Sanitation, Hygienic Practices and the Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitism among Schoolchildren

Ian C. Abordo | Jerald L. Pelayo | Aldwyn A. Nuñez | John Angel Tagra | Ivon Claire S. Militante

Discipline: Biology, Health, Medicine

Visual Biofeedback: Adjunct Mirror Intervention during Stage Two Labor among Primiparous Women

Daisy Palompon

Discipline: Biology, Medicine

Music on the Second Stage of Labor among Women in their First Pregnancy

Daisy Palompon | Fleoy T. Ysmael | Lagrimas G. Elizon | Jillian A. Bejoc | Joni Inocencia Gonzaga | Hazel Cañeda

Discipline: Psychology, Science, Medicine

Anthelminthic Effects of Processed Mature Betel Nut as Dewormer to Native Chicken and Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats)

Moises Glenn G. Tangalin

Discipline: Science, Veterinary Medicine

Vitamin D Receptor Gene Bsm1 Polymorphism Positively Correlates with Prostate Cancer

Bella Marilou Baxa-daguplo | Nico Calingacion | Van Anthony Villar | Rebecca Villanueva | Dinah Garinganao | Rodrigo Garcia | Remedios Santos

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Preparation of the Blood-Enriched Agar with the Use of Red Cell Suspension

Carina R. Magbojos | Richelle S. Aro | Ma. Charisma S. Caringal | Melvin M. Castillo | Darwin A. Llanes | Karen D. Sumaray

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Investigating the Protective Effect of Solanum melongena

Saima Gul | Sagheer Ahmed | Humaira Gul | Fatima Shad Kaneez

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine