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No Change in God’s Creation! Reflections on the Concept of “Nature” in Dialogue with Qur´Än, SÅ«rah 30,30

Thomas Mooren

Discipline: Theology



This article deals with Sûrah 30,30, one of the better known, more famous, Sûrates of the Qur´ān. It follows this specific Sûrah’s direction into the heart of the Islamic monotheistic faith, including the mystery of creation (fitrah), of humankind. One of the most important announcements of Sûrah 30,30 is that the creation mystery coincides with the instauration of the very first ritual or religion (dīn) of humankind. The next step the Sûrah takes is to reveal in whose name the process unfolds itself, namely in the name of the Prophet Ibrahīm. His name is not mentioned by 30,30. However, the primordial ritual of prayer and adoration that emerges from the act of creation is called “hanīfan”, i.e., “hanīf”-like. If there is one person in the Qur´ān who presents itself as a “hanīf”, it is Ibrahīm the monotheist. Once this is established, the Sûrah does not leave any doubt that the original faith of humankind is the Islamic faith. In other words, that every human being is born as a Muslim. Obviously, this differs from the Christian viewpoint that puts into the center of creation the mystery of the Holy Trinity.