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Some Theological Principles Affecting the Morality of Intellectual Property Rights

Latorre, Roberto A.

Discipline: Theology, Morality

Doctor Don Joseph Patricio de Molina, S.T.D.

Santiago, Luciano P.

Discipline: History, Theology

A Note on the “Suma de una junta,” the Second Draft of the Handbook for Confessors of the Synod of Manila of 1582

Dumol, Paul Arvisu

Discipline: Religion, History, Theology

Faith and Footwear: Waging a Religious-Cultural War

Bocala, Henry P.

Discipline: Religion, Theology, Faith

Society And Population Problems In The Philippines Questions Addressed To Philippine Theologians/ A Reply To The Questions

Piñon, Antonio T.

Discipline: Theology

The Anthropological Approach to the Problem of God

Lantin, Emmanuel

Discipline: Theology, Anthropology

Joseph Ratzinger's the Problem of the Absolute in Christianity

Ratzinger, Joseph

Discipline: Religion, Theology

The Way of Greater Self Constructing A Theology Around A Filipino Myths

Abulad, Romualdo E.

Discipline: Theology

Boeve, Lieven and Christophe Brabant, eds. Between philosophy and theology: Contemporary interpretations of Christianity

Vanhoutte, Wilfried

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology

Theodore Gracyk. The philosophy of art: An introduction

Vanhoutte, Wilfried

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology

Love Management: A Paradigm Shift from a Heart in Hell to a Heart in Heaven

Mendoza, Raem R.

Discipline: Religion, Theology

Springkling Some Grains of Theism with Nietzsche’s Atheistic Dictum: “God is Dead”

Mansueto, Menelito P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology

Cultural Pluralism and the Quest for an Enduring Political System in Nigeria

Ajayi, Ademola

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Social Studies

Bioethical Issues on Organ Transplantation: Some Philosophical Reflections

Pangon, Carlo Alfonsse

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences, Theology, Applied Sciences

Church of the Poor: Revisiting the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church

Mangibin, Ferdinand M.

Discipline: Religion, Theology

The Five Pillars of Islam and National Development in Nigeria

Adeniyi, Musa O.

Discipline: Religion, Theology

Evil and the Problem of Divine Benevolence: A Propaedeutic Reading of an Age-old Puzzle

Agulanna, Christopher

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Theology

New Frontiers for the Catholic Church: Positive and Negative Democracy in the Philippines

Maboloc, Christopher Ryan

Discipline: Theology, Politics, Social Studies

Gift and Responsibility: The Philosophy of Faith of St. Augustine

Itao, Alexis Deodato S.

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Theology

The Life Story of Engr. Arturo Francisco Eustaquio (1909-1984)

Caceres, Michael Vincent P.

Discipline: Religion, Theology

A Discourse of the Indigenous Worldview in the Doctrinal Construct of MFM

Ajayi, Ademola

Discipline: Religion, Theology, Social, Anthropological, Philosophical Sciences

The Preaching of John the Baptist as a Model for Religious Clerics in the Pursuit of Socio-Religious Transformation

Toryough, G. N.

Discipline: Social Science, Theology, Theological Science

The Hermeneutics of Liberation Theology: A Critical Look at Its Christological, Harmatiological, and Soterio-Logical Dimensions

Uchegbue, Christian O.

Discipline: Social Science, Theology, Hermeneutics

When Society Meets the Individual, Marx Contra Nietzsche: Antipodal Views on Society, Morality, and Religion

Mansueto, Menelito P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Religion, Theology

Antonio Gramsci and Edward Said’s Image of a Modern Day Intellectual and the Filipino Roman Catholic Priest

Demeterio Iii, Feorillo P.

Discipline: Theology

Pagninilay-nilay: Ano ang Teolohiyang Pilipino? Panimulang Pananalita

Gonzales, Andrew

Discipline: Technology, Theology

Ang Teolohiyang Pilipino sa Kasalukuyan at sa Hinaharap

Vengco, Sabino A.

Discipline: Technology, Theology

Pagsasakatubo at ang Katutubong Teolohiya

Timbreza, Florentino T.

Discipline: Technology, Theology

Ang Pagsasaling-Wika at Pananampalataya

Antonio, Lillia F.

Discipline: Theology

Pananaliksik Tungo sa Teolohiyang Makapilipino

Andrade, Moises B.

Discipline: Theology

Ang Pagsasakatutubo ng Teolohiyang Pilipino

Enriquez, Virgilio G.

Discipline: Theology

Basura: Isang Pagsusuri sa Pananaw ng Genesis at Etika ng Kalikasan

Maningas, Ismael Ireneo

Discipline: Religion, Ecology, Theology, Catholicism, Environmental Ethics

Tungo Sa Pag-Unawa ng Teolohiyang Mapagpalaya

Balajadia, Basilio P.

Discipline: Religion, Theology

Praiseworthy Memento To Vatican Council II

Relacion, Domingo R.

Discipline: Theology

How to Think on the "Humanae Vitae" and its Obligation on Catholics

Piñon, Antonio T.

Discipline: Theology

The Lay Teacher: His Role and Responsibilities

Calderon, Aurelio B.

Discipline: Theology

No Change in God’s Creation! Reflections on the Concept of “Nature” in Dialogue with Qur´Än, SÅ«rah 30,30

Mooren, Thomas

Discipline: Theology