HomeFEU Communication Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2012)

Administrative Decentralization of Public Information Office Functions among Philippine National Police Units in the National Capital Region: Basis for Improved Public Information Program

Hericka Delfin

Discipline: Social Science, Communications, Media



This study provided an assessment of PNP memorandum “Decentralization of the Functions of the Public Information Office” and determined if said policy and guidelines have been effective in enhancing the media relations of PNP. It also determined if the memorandum is sufficient to direct Public Information Offices at lower levels of command in performing their respective functions with the end result of improving the image of the PNP.

The issues and concerns involved in police media relations were identified making it a basis for to improve PNP Public Information Program. The study’s variables were determined through data gathering using questionnaires given to PNP personnel and press corps members of the five units under the National Capital Region Police Office. Interviews were also conducted with Public Information Office personnel to get clearer view of the practices employed by the subject unit.

The data gathered from questionnaires were processed through arithmetical and statistical tools then subjected to analyses. The results were also related to the various variables in the problem, profiles of the respondents were also taken into consideration.