Article List (w/ Media Discipline)

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A discourse analysis of CNN and BBC narratives on “Islamic terrorism” post 9/11: implications on international peacebuilding

Villanueva, Allan V.

Discipline: Peace, Development, Media

Ding ang Bato! The Rise of Super Hero(ines) and Violence on Local Television

Brillon, Cherish Aileen A.

Discipline: Performing Arts, Mass Communication, Media

Emerging Social Structures of the Web: Implications of Social Network Sites to Web Communication

Pusta, Maria Gwenetha Ybanez

Discipline: Computer Science, Mass Communication, Media

The Generation Me: Commodification of Self in YouTube in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Brillon, Cherish Aileen A.

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

The New Communicator: Serving and Becoming Consumers in a New Media Ecology

Bantugan, Brian S. | Ballecer, Emmanuel | Cagadas, Ruly | Chacko, Joy | Oyson, Manuel | Rondina, Johnathan

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Blogosphere: A Case Study on the Role of Blogging in Today’s Electronic Age

Bermudez, Jay Klio | Tañedo, Rizaldy | Miranda, April Fortune

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Women, Media, and Human Rights: A Historical Approach to Gender Equality, the Cases of Korea and the Philippines

Jao, Gretchen E. | Lee, Yujin | Parado, Nicole Dominique A. | Tan, Kevin Neil G. | Won, Jiyun | Dacanay, Jovi C.

Discipline: Gender Studies, Media

Media Killings and its Influence on the Journalistic Practices of Community Journalists

Centeno, Edmund G. | Flores, Sheila Marie D.

Discipline: Communications, Criminal Justice, Media

Marketing Principles for Filipino Independent Films

Castro, Joeven R. | Velasquez, Ingrid K. | Laraño, Arby Mari B. | Amihan, Jaymen | Garcia, Gerry

Discipline: Marketing, Filipino, Media

Print Media as Business: Profitability in the Midst of Industry Competition and Global Financial Crisis

Martinez-victorio, Ma. Socorro

Discipline: Business, Media

Political Candidates as Products: A Look at the 2010 Political Ads of Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino

Viudez-panela, Karen Lee

Discipline: Media, Advertising

Administrative Decentralization of Public Information Office Functions among Philippine National Police Units in the National Capital Region: Basis for Improved Public Information Program

Delfin, Hericka

Discipline: Social Science, Communications, Media

Film as Instructional Aid in Teaching Intonation: Effects on Performance and Attitude towards the Speech 1 Course

Velasquez, Damian Iii

Discipline: Social Science, Mass Communication, Media

Wowowee: A Tourist Attraction

Mamaclay, Karen | Adorador, Arra | Berlandino, Ana Rea | Rubiano, Carmela Ann

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

The Effects of Electronic Mail and Chatting on Familial Relationships as Perceived by Selected College Students of Trinity University of Asia

Bosano, Raphael Vincent | Santos, Kristina Corazon | Alvarez, Ellyne Gabrielle | Balgos, Joshua Israel | Flores, Maribeth

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Media

Motivation for Blogging Among Selected Students of Trinity University of Asia

Quizon-go, Rolita | David, Carlo | Estalilla, Dianne | Chan, Lyra | Renacia, Camille

Discipline: Media

Advotecacy: Facebook as a Political Advertising Medium

Astudillo, Romina Raiselle L. | Co, Anna Lorraine A. | Dayag, Darlene Jayella A. | Fonbuena, Noella Ann S. | Yap, Anna Margarita S.

Discipline: Media, Advertising

Sa Mata ng Isang Bata: Isang Eksploratoryong Pag-aaral ng Epekto ng Teleseryeng May Bukas Pa sa mga Piling Bata

Alvarado, Arlene Jane M. | Franco, Lourdes Michaela Go | Mayo, Rubyann Grace F. | Nibley, Swirtty Mae O.

Discipline: Child Development, Media

A Creative Online Interactive and Guerrilla Advertising Campaign for Paulinian Engagement in the 2010 National Elections

Delima, Michael Jerome | Rivo, Christine Dorothy | Sarmiento, Maria Cornelia

Discipline: Governance, Media

Attribution of Juvenile Offenders’ Sexual Offenses to Mass Media

Cruz, Jean Cattleya | De Bustos, Anne Gemini | Mañalac, Marie Frances | Nepomuceno, Wilfirida Lorraine

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Mass Media Exposure and Reading Proficiency of Students in Diploma in Agricultural Technology

Tabares, May Nectar Cyrill L.

Discipline: Education, Media

To Cyberspace and Back: Sustaining the Potentials of Pawikan Conservation Center’s Educational Advocacy through Online Presence and Networking

Bantugan, Brian S. | Canlas, Princess Rio | Dado, Precious | De Guzman, Rosario | Garcia, Kaycee

Discipline: Media, Environmental Studies

The Internet as a Tool for Social Science Research and Education: The Case of the World-Wide Web

Teehankee, Benito L.

Discipline: Sociology, Media, Social Studies

Preschoolers’ Verbal Interaction and Letter Identification Skill: Television Cartoon Characters as Visual Aids

Ada, Gennievie R.

Discipline: Early Childhood Education, Media

The Teaching of Moral Education through Media Education

Cheung, Chi-kim

Discipline: Education, Morality, Media

Studying Media Bias: Print Coverage of the Top 2004 Presidential Candidates

Muyargas, Moniq M. | Montiel, Cristina J. | Viaje, Archimedes H.

Discipline: Political Science, Media

Television: Its Effects and Implications to Children’s Learning: An Argumentative Essay

Lopez, Sally M.

Discipline: Media

Armando ‘Bing’ Lao: Mula Mainstream Films tungo sa Indie Films, Mula Scriptwriter tungo sa Creative Producer

Garcia, Fanny A.

Discipline: Art, Media, Film

Sapagkat ang Kapeng Barako ay Para sa mga ‘Barako’ Lamang? Isang Feministang Pagbasa(g) sa Indie Pelikulang Barako ni Manolito Sulit

Caampued, Marian A.

Discipline: Media, Film, Feminism